Las Vegas Freemont Street New Hotel 2020

Las Vegas has a new hotel coming in 2020, as reported. It is called Circa Resort & Casino. Below are some 3d renders of the newly planned hotel, which is long overdue for the area!

Circa Resort & Casino

The owners of Circa Resort & Casino are Derek and Greg Stevens.

Circa will be the tallest building in downtown Las Vegas.

The new resort, expected to cost in the neighborhood of $1 billion, will sit on the former site of the Las Vegas Club, Mermaids casino and the Glitter Gulch strip club.

Check out the video of what is to come in 2020!

According to the official news release, Circa “will mix the glamour of vintage Vegas with modern luxuries and cutting-edge technology, honoring the golden age of the city. Guests can expect top-notch entertainment while enjoying honest, attentive and friendly service.”

Here is the entrance kn Freemont Street were Mermaids used to be.

It will have 777 rooms and tons of entertainment.

We are excited to stay there in 2020!
Learn more by visiting the official Web site for Circa Resort & Casino Las Vegas.

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