Flamingos in Aruba

Took my daughter to meet the flamingos in Aruba for her 5th birthday. It was amazing!! She also got to feed other birds, and iguanas!



If you want to go here, there’s 2 ways. One way is to stay directly at the hotel Renaissance Resort and Casino and you get complimentary rides to the island starting from 7:00 am and coming back last boat is 6:45 PM. You can also check in early and they will give you a temporary pass to go…they gave us like 5 passes even though we only have 3 people. Kids of certain age goes for free, I don’t know what age.

The second way to get there is to come super early to see if you will get to go because they only allow 10-20 non-guests per day and it will cost you $125(prices have gone up from $99). I recommend just staying at the hotel. The flamingos are on the adults side to keep them from being harrassed by kids, lol…but they are allowed 1 hour from 9:00-10:00 am to hang out with them on the adults side each day. Hope this helps.


Credit Mai Leeyang

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