Hawai’i – Off The Hook Poke Market

Let’s talk about POKE!

There’s no way you can visit Hawai’i and NOT eat poke! What is “poke?” you may ask, well let me tell you, it is a chunk of deliciousness!

“Poke” in Hawaiian means, “to slice, or cut crosswise into pieces,” and refers to diced, marinated raw fish, commonly ahi (tuna).

General photo of what poke looks like.

In Hawai’i, it is very common to eat poke as an appetizer or a main dish. There are many variety of poke using various seafood, and an infinite selection/combination of seasonings. It is very delicious eaten on its own, over a bowl of rice (poke bowl), or even wrapped with seaweed and rice (like a sushi).

There are plethora of poke spots all over the island, but there was a new spot I wanted to hit up: Off The Hook Poke Market. It was featured on Cheap Eats with Guy Hagi and Augie T, and as a self-proclaimed poke connoisseur, I knew I had to give it a try.

It was very easy to find, simply put their shop name in the GPS and it takes you directly there.

Store front viewed from across the street.

I parked across the street in the Safeway parking lot and crossed the street. The shop is in the same complex as Starbucks. There are some parking spaces behind, but not many and the nearby street parking is also taken up by people going to the various businesses in the complex. If you catch the bus, there is a bus stop literally in front of the shop.

The shop is open every day, from 11a-6p and closed on Sundays.

There was already a line before they opened.

There are some tables outside and a few inside to sit and eat, but I recommend taking it to go because the space there is quite small.

The shop is a very small and intimate space.
Cute little shop with few seating. On the other side of the shop there is a sofa.
The poke line-up

You can order a bowl, à la carte, or a sampler which is a little bit of every poke they serve all on one bento box for $25.

The Poke Sampler.

To order a bowl, you simply choose your size – mini or regular; base – white rice, brown rice, green salad, or sushi rice for $1 more (highly recommend!); and the type of poke you want (you can pick 2 styles for 50c more).

Menu and pricing.

After you assemble your bowl, you can choose to add toppings: furikake (rice toppings that include sesame seeds, seaweed, and other seasonings), green onions, masago (tiny fish eggs), or ten kasu (tiny tempura bits).

I highly recommend the cold ginger ahi poke. The fish were cut up in fairly large pieces (which I don’t usually prefer) but because they use fresh fish (as opposed to previously frozen) the fish was so soft, and the flavor was well marinated. I LOVED IT! Not to mention their portion sizes are HUGE!

Cold ginger ahi on sushi rice, sampler plate, and a side of sushi rice.

Other than poke, they also serve a soup of the day and shave ice.

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