Ahh.. Waiahole Poi Factory. One of my go-to’s for Hawaiian food!!

Waiahole Poi Factory, street side view.
This spot has been a popular spot for tourists and locals for many years!

The look and feel of the place is traditional, humble and warm.

Literally within view of the ocean as well as Chinaman’s Hat, an iconic tourist attraction, you can see the glorious mountains just on the other side, behind the restaurant. This place can’t be in a more perfect spot.

After you order, you can go to the left side of the building and check out their gallery. They have some photos as well as showcase their papa ku‘i ‘ai (wooden pounding board) and pohaku (rock pounder) where they prepare and demonstrate the pounding of poi and other Native Hawaiian foods.
Close up of their fresh pounded poi.

Located on the side of the road, and with it’s big and simple sign, Waiahole Poi Factory is hard to miss.

Storefront from residential street.

There isn’t a real parking space, so you’ll either have to park on the side of the road, or find a space in the residential area once you turn into the side street. If you do park in the residential area, please use common sense and courtesy and turn down the music and park appropriately in allowed areas.

Their menu, also available online with description of food.

Personally, I like to just take everything to go, and drive over to Chinaman’s Hat, or in front of the beach and grind in my car. (AC, nice view, ‘ono food, the best way to eat!)

The ocean view on one side.
Mountain view on the other side.
View from Chinaman’s Hat/Kualoa Regional Park.
View of Chinaman’s Hat.

My go-to plate is the Kalua Pig Plate: comes with kalua pig, your choice of freshly hand pounded (on-site) poi (pounded cooked taro root) or white rice, lomi salmon (like a salsa with salmon pieces), and haupia (coconut) pie. Oh, and of course, the Sweet Lady of Waiahole!!

Kalua Pig plate, poi, lomilomi salmon, haupia pie, chili pepper water.
Squid lu’au and kalua pig combo with poi, lomilomi salmon, haupia pie, and chili pepper water. Notice the poi on this plate is a little different in color. It was also a little more smoother than the poi in the other plate. Both still yummy!
Sweet Lady of Waiahole is a super delicious dessert, on the bottom is fresh kulolo, which is pounded cooked taro root with coconut meat and milk, and brown sugar. The warm kulolo is topped with haupia ice cream. Mmmmmm!!! You can order it as one scoop or two scoops. I highly recommend this sweet treat!
Sweet Lady of Waiahole dessert.
Not only is Waiahole Poi Factory pounding fresh poi on site, they also offer poi pounding tasting and demos as well as nose flute demonstrations available for purchase. Visit their website for more!

Kalo leaves in front of their restaurant.

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