Secret Spot on Lake Tahoe Sand Harbor Beach

On our journey to look for the Secret Beach so we can go get naked…🤣 Just Kidding! 

Park on the street, then get ready to hike. Bring water in some backpacks. 


Video of the hike below. May take a minute to load if you are on a cell phone. 





Do you want to know how to get to the secret spot? GPS to Secret Cove, follow to parking but it’s usually small so the majority park along the street. Just follow the trails down and then GPS it by foot.



It’s too cold for me…guess I’ll go back to Sand Harbor since the gates should be open again. Gotta go get my kayak so I can go kayaking. It’s gonna be gorgeous!! It’s more kid friendly over there and the rocks are more fun to hop on.


I was so excited to go late to Sand Harbor so I can watch the sunset while sitting on the rocks, but I now just come back broken hearted. First off, finding parking was so bad already and we couldn’t even fund parking after many rounds and waiting.

Me and my skateboard. I really like this skateboard. 


It’s gonna be a beautiful day here. This is what 8:00 am looks like if you’re going to Sand Harbor. It’s not too bad.


The next day we rented the kayaks from Sand Harbor and kayaked about 45 mins out. I loved this little cove. (The two videos below may take a second to load if you are on a cell phone, so be patient….you will want to see them)



I was actually pretty sore from all the kayaking and rock hoping!67282696_10217756499655825_3108985740193693696_n.jpg


See the videos below of my rock jumping 🙂 It may take a second to load if you are on a phone. The wait is well worth it. When trying out for American Ninja Warrior because I don’t have money for professional training.. lol


Sand Harbor Beach, Lake Tahoe

Video below kayaking on Sand Harbor Beach, if this area is not on your bucket list, it is time to add it! It’s beautiful!! If you like to hike then take the trails that is along the road to Sand Harbor.


The views:




Another Video of the rocks below. May take a second to load if you are on a cell phone.

If you do not have your own kayak, Sand Harbor Beach does have a place to rent one from, Sand Harbor Rentals.

The final Video below you wont want to miss! Breathtaking views on a scooter!


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  1. This is great. In that last video, how exactly do you get on that wooden path right next to the sand beach?
    Is it the same as the secret cove?

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