Venice Beach California

Venice Beach California is one of my favorite destinations to travel to. So much that I travel there once or twice a year. Once for a family vacation with the kids, and once just a husband and wife vacation. Venice Beach is located in a Tsunami Hazard Zone.


It is so much fun and there is so much to do here. I always have stayed at Hotel Erwin, due to the location of being located right off the basketball courts. Yes my husband is a basketball player šŸ™‚


This area is also a highly filmed area for movies and the scenes from tv shows. Such as White Man Cant Jump and Love and Hip Hop has filmed here as well as Basketball wives. I attended a taping of American Ninja Warrior, which was very cool to see.




There is just always something going on down on the boardwalk in Venice Beach. There are also a lot of celebrities however everyone blends in so they are hard to spot.

We bumped into the quarterback from The Waterboy outside of our hotel, Peter Dante. Ā He played Peter inĀ Little Nicky. InĀ Grandma’s BoyĀ he played Dante. He played a lawyer named Tommy in Adam Sandler’s movieĀ Big Daddy. He played the quarterback Gee Grenouille inĀ The WaterboyĀ and Murph “Murphy” inĀ Mr. Deeds. He played a security guard inĀ 50 First Dates


During the day time there is so much to see on Venice Beach and there are so many people out mingling, hanging out, walking around and excersizing.



It is just relaxing outdoor fun everywhere you look. There is also outdoor gym called Muscle Beach. Muscle Beach is an iconic part of the Venice Beach Boardwalk, an outdoor gym with an important place in bodybuilding history.


Muscle Beach was once the homeĀ gymĀ of bodybuilders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

As you walk down the boardwalk there is so much to see, some might by odd. Such as a man out biking with his pet snake around his neck, while texting. Talk about a good multi-tasker!


To freak shows along the boardwalk.


To marijuana dispensaries everywhere with doctors to see to get it. I do not smoke but I thought it was pretty cool.


Along the boardwalk there is so much entertainment, from people building sandcastles, to selling paintings, to dancing, singing, and playing a full piano out along the boardwalk.


The beach is a bit of a walk but it so relaxing and fun. I had a nice long walk along the beach with a seal! (Always make sure you keep your distance from any wild life)


The beach is so fun for families too


There is so many cool places for pictures everywhere you look.


A great located hotel to stay, however a bit spendy, is Hotel Erwin. I stay here every time I go. The rooms are very clean, the rooftop is to die for in the evening and sunset.



Views from the rooftop of Hotel Erwin during the day.


Views from patio of Hotel Erwin at night.


On the roof top you can get drinks and have a romantic evening out. They give blankets and the view are just out of this world.



If you become adventurous go parasailing in the ocean along Venice Beach and Santa Monica!


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Celebrities are everywhere so keep your eyes open if you want to see some. Ran into the comedian Johnny Sanchez at 6am lol. It always happens when you are not picture ready lol.


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