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I for my first time used Airfordable! I cant even say enough good stuff about this site. Flights in time as it gets closer to the date of travel get more expensive. What if there was a way to lock in your tickets at the lower price and make payments to minimize the upfront cost?



I must admit, I was a bit skeptical on using this. Not everything on the internet is legit. However, I gave it a try and I am so happy that I did.

I created a account by clicking here, I searched for my flight as I normally would, I used Sun Country.


Filled in my from, to, dates, and how many travelers. After you choose your flights as you normally would. You then screen shot the flight information on outgoing and return with the flight numbers, which will also show the pricing.

After you upload that screen shot to Airfordable. You then put the total cost in, and pick your payment plan. It is so simple!

I was so impressed by this company, because I actually made a mistake that I did not catch but they did and fixed it for me. I accidentally choose the wrong date home, where the date I told them and the date that I screen shot didn’t match. They contacted me and fixed it! The date I needed was more expensive, so they just upgraded my payment plan to reflect this.

I just made my last payment today, and I fly out in three days.


Ten minutes later after my final payment, I had my e-tickets in my email. Hands down, Airfordable I will probably be using for all future travel.

Try it out! 


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