Traveling to Egypt

Egypt Day 1

We give you Egypt! Never seen so much sand in my whole life!πŸ˜‚


First, money exchange. $1,000 Egyptian Pounds is only $62…and they go by fast because these darn people want at least a $200 Egyptian Pound as tip. I don’t mind tipping them that much if they give me a good deal, but they were already trying to rip me off…and expect more tip.πŸ‘Ž


While heading out a little disappointed about my 2nd negotiation!!πŸ‘Ž Because we had like about 4-5 hours to spare before coming back to the airport, I decided we could go hang out at the pyramids before flying over to Luxor. A nice tour guide assistant came and ask if we would like to do a quick tour while we’re there. I’m like, “sure, why not.” He took us to another guy at the tourism desk to book. He told me he was giving me a cheap price for my family, and he will give us a driver to and fromΒ the pyramids of Giza, we pay ourselves into the pyramids, and he will give it to us for only $300. I told him “hell no!”..I didn’t actually say that but I told him no thanks. Then he wanted to negotiate down to $180…I still said no! Then $160 because he says we are a family of 5. I told him I don’t need his service anymore and let me go think, so we all left to the lobby. I went to approach the other tour people just hanging around to ask them for a driver to the pyramids and back. He said if that’s all I want to do then the price is $50 round trip for my whole family. I went with that tour person. As he took us to meet the driver, he asked for tip. I didn’t have small change for $5 tip so I gave him a $200 Egyptian Pound($12). I thought the driver was gonna drop us at the gate of the pyramids but instead, he took us to another tour company that has camels and carriage rides. They told me I would pay myself in and they provide us the camels or carriage and it’s a cheap price for my family for $300 only. Again, I told them “NO THANKS!” because it’s way over priced and we are just there to walk around since we will e back in 4 days. They guy went down the price to $200, then $175..blag, blah… and i said no, we don’t want it. We walked back to the car. The driver calls the guide who took us to the driver and wanted to negotiate with me and i told him no…sigh…so after some negotiation, we ended up at $15/person for horse carriage ride, which i didn’t care for..but oh well, why not. $75 for all of us, but I still have to pay us to get in,making it another $31. After the tour, the 2 carriage drivers wanted tips, and again they wanted more than $200 Egyptian Pounds each…I toms them I will give them $100 each but they said I was being cheap(when I told them I don’t even want the carriage…smh). I ended up giving them $200 each…then upon the driver after taking us back to the airport, he says he need $3 for parking there and would like tips too. I didn’t mind tipping him the $200 Egyptian Pounds but he wanted more too when I paid him $100 US and he wanted to give me back change less because he wanted to keep more for tips….so I decided to go take money out of ATM so I could pay him. I gave him enough for the parking, tips, and our drive…dang, and I just paid $125 for our Visa upon arrival and we haven’t made it to Luxor….sigh…now just gonna go board for Luxor… grrr….

It was beautiful, just a lot of trouble with price and being passed around.



We’ve been on the run with no sleep from Greece and arriving in Cairo going straight to the pyramids and back, and onto the next flight to Luxor. We are very tired but still enjoying the adventure! We are about to have to get up at 3:45-4:00 AM tomorrow morning because we are getting picked up at 4:30 AM for our hot air balloon ride, traditional felucca boat ride, camel ride, etc. It’s gonna be a very adventurous day tomorrow!! 😎

Egypt Day 2

This morning was well worth getting up at 3:50 am for the hot air balloon experience. I now appreciate so much getting to ride this balloon. It takes a lot of patience and great teamwork, I mean teamwork! I’m not kidding! I now learned how they set up the basket, to inflating the balloon, how we get in the basket, how we get down, how they take it apart, how they fold the balloon, etc. It’s amazing and takes so much work and a lot of labor and teamwork, so the next time you ride on one, think about why they are expensive. 😎

Hot air balloon ride can be hot if you are not under the metal cover. My hair felt like it was getting cooked!..I mean literally cooked!Β πŸ‘ŽπŸ₯΅

Landing in the desert…

The grass is not greener on the other side because….there’s no grass!πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€£

(Videos above may take a second to load)

Egypt day 2 (Luxor):
We were taken to a tiny rock factory after we visited The Valley of the Kings. Of course kids wants to buy stuff that we don’t need or want. After we finished, the workers gave the kids some scraps of the rocks. They was super happy.


Egypt day 2: After our hot air balloon ride, felucca boat ride, camel ride, and lunch, we ended up with exploring the city before they sent us back to our hotel by carriage. Everyone was tired by this time….and yes, they have to stop by the papyrus store.

Killing time while waiting for our food…


Egypt Day 3

“You can always make money, but you can’t always make memories.”

Even though it was a short time only at the pyramids, a camel ride is a must to experience Egypt. My daughter has learned so much since we’ve been here in Egypt, from how they make papyrus to riding a camel, getting in and out of a taxi, exchanging of currencies, going into tombs of Pharaohs, learn about mummification and mummies, how hot air balloon works, how homes are made with bricks and clay, how the Nile river provide water for the country, etc. Experience is way more valuable than materials. I am an educator and is a big believer that education starts at an early age and hands-on experience is a must! If you say you can’t afford it, learn to say “how can you afford it?”…I afford them through credit cards because if I wait til I have money to go, that day will never come because there’s always bills after bills. Why not make one of these bills be worth paying for. Don’t be afraid to make that risk because time doesn’t wait.Β πŸ’ž Click this like to finance your flights!


Please read my next post as I left Egypt and traveled to Morocco. You will love this one! Click here to read it.Β 

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