Traveling to Morocco

If you haven’t read the first part of my travel on Egypt, click here. Now onto the next part of our journey…Traveling to Morocco from Egypt!

Morocco Day 1

Our new journey starts to the Atlas mountains and onto Ouzarzarett…tomorrow, we will reach the dunes for our desert camp.

Stopping for our Morocco lunch…


Morocco day 1: Today’s adventure…touring a famous place I forget the name…it’s just the walkway through their village.

Morocco Day 2

Today, we move out to live in the desert, after staying in a nice hotel last night. We will take our camels to the campsite. Please wish us luck that we won’t have to stop too much for bathrooms since we have been having diarrhea and from eating something from the hotel breakfast before we got picked up. Our stomach doesn’t hurt, we just have to go potty…😎


Morocco day 2: Camel riding to our camp, video below may take a second to load.

Our camel riding in the desert was such a cool experience! We rode this to our desert camp.

We wanted to give the camels a break and walk, but we struggled to keep up so we had to get back on. This is why I told her to get back on her camel…smh. I could run, but she couldn’t.

Make way for the Queen and her Princess!!🤣

We finally made it to our camp. It is so beautiful during the day and during the night.






Morocco Day 3

Doesn’t get much better than this!


Waiting for the sunrise at the desert camp with breakfast.

Marakkesh Day 4

Going back to Paris tomorrow! Tonight, we rest in Marakkesh tonight!

I will not go back to Marrakech, the vendors are very aggressive. We stayed in Marrakech last night. This morning we went the the Square shopping market plaza. I saw hennas. I looked and asked for the price. The took my hand and started painting on it and did not want to tell me the price. Another lady took my daughters hand and started drawing. Then a man took my sons hand and drew a scorpion on it. I was like, “ok, maybe I wouldn’t mind paying $20 for them, but who knew the price.” When finished, the lady says $600 Dirhams for mine and $300 each for the kids. I told her “no” because all I ask for was the price and they started painting. Total they wanted was $1,200 Dihrams. I told them I will not pay that. I told them if they have paper towels I will wipe them off! They said don’t be angry. I was about to wipe them off on their bench because I will not pay $120 US for these crap. I gave the lady $200 dirhams for mine ($20 US)…fine another $200 Dirhams for my daughters. The guy wanted money for my sons scorpion too. I said give me a towel I will wipe it off…grrrr!! You shitting me!! I ain’t gonna pay for something I didn’t even approve. Mine smeared off a little because I was trying to open up my bag to find something to wipe them off in front of them. Our tour guide came and parked his car next to us. After I argued with them and paid them, we got in the car and drove away. I told the driver they were trying to RIP me off. He says in Marakkesh the people are aggressive like this….sigh…I guess I need to just stay in the desert. It was more peaceful! (My hands are so dry and wrinkled; maybe that’s what it deserves..🤣)


Advice do not give them your hand.


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