How an All-Girl Travel Group, Girls LOVE Travel (GLT) Inspires Girls Like Us

Author: KM Burton and Athena Poindexter


Girls LOVE Travel (GLT) is a world wide community founded by Haley Woods in December of 2015. Their mission is:

“Girls LOVE Travel (GLT) is a global community of both active and aspiring women travelers providing resources and empowerment to one another through safety, socializing and support.

Founded by Haley Woods in December of 2015, Girls LOVE Travel welcomes any individual who identifies as female/femme/womxn, non-binary, trans, genderqueer, agender, or any combination of the above! The GLT community is open to non-traditional gender identities.”



As of January 18th, 2020, Girls LOVE Travel hit a massive milestone of having one million followers! #gltLOVE is a closed community, they do not broadcast much about this milestone. We feel it is important to highlight this great achievement.


I’ve been a member of this group (Girls LOVE Travel) for quite some time. However, I have not engaged as much, more so lurking in the shadows, gawking with awe in the amazing photos that are being shared. I live vicariously through the brave women in this group who travel to destinations in locations that I could barely pronounce or never knew existed.
The array of colors in a certain photo of a destination made me realize that there are more colors on the color spectrum than I had realized. That the sunset can paint the sky with red and orange..and sometimes pink in Thailand and purple in Japan. There may be snow today in the USA but bikini bottoms and endless margaritas in the Maldives.
Being a part of this group made me realize and appreciate the 4 seasons that some people have never experienced. What seems normal and mudane to us may be exciting for others.
Reading the Experiences the ladies in this group have had in the many destinations that they’ve traveled to makes me understand and realize the many cultures languages religions and believe study exists in this world that makes all of us unique.

Haley Woods

I read an article about Haley woods that she was in debt, and for many of us you would think that debt would keep us from traveling and experiencing the world. But reading about Haley makes us realize that debt cannot keep us from experiencing what the world has to offer. Haley has taught us with determination we could kill debt and trouble at no matter what age, that it’s never too late.
With this group, each post inspires me to step out of my comfort zone even if it means traveling to the next state or province over.

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